Pressure Gauge Calibration Services

Pressure gauges are used to measure the pressure in a gas or liquid.

The pressure is measured via a ‘Bourdon tube’, a curved tube which straightens as the pressure in the coil increases, linked to a pointer which indicates the final pressure measurement. Pressure gauges are used widely in industrial settings, for the oil and gas, alternate fuels, chemicals, energy, food, and beverage industries, across a wide range of manufacturing processes. There are many different units used for assessing pressure, with the most popular being psi (pound per square inch), and bar (roughly equivalent to atmospheric pressure at sea level).

Due to their widely used application and importance, high-quality pressure gauge calibration services are essential for maintaining the safety and security of your daily operations. The type of machines, pressure measurements and their uses can vary widely, so it’s necessary to use a specialist to assess your device correctly. Xcalibration is a pressure gauge calibration specialist that can help you maintain the functioning and precision of your pressure gauges.

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Minimise Risk With Pressure Gauge Calibration

A fully operational pressure gauge is often your first line of defence against a safety incident. In 2013, as many as 1 in 4 pressure gauges were broken or misused.

With employees usually within metres of machinery, they are the first to be affected by accidents or leaks.

From minor accidents to large scale fires or explosions, one broken pressure gauge can cause untold damage to your employees and your business, leading to at best, downtime, at the worst, unlimited health-risks, financial, legal and reputational damage to your business.

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Protect Your Business With Xcalibration

Xcalibration offers high-end pressure gauge calibration services with the latest compatible testing devices for a vast range of brands and models.

We will come to you on-site to provide a full calibration service, complete with an industry-standard certificate to confirm your devices are fully compliant and working precisely.

If further adjustments or repairs are required, we can offer a full error report, and with your permission, can advise on spare parts and in-house repairs to get your machinery working as it should.

Pressure Gauge Sales and Hire

If your equipment does need repair, we offer pressure gauge sales and hire equipment so you can continue your business operations.

We offer equipment across a wide range of pressure measurements and uses, for oil, gas and liquids. All our new and hire equipment has been fully calibrated by our expert team to ensure that your operations are safe from the moment you purchase from us.

We provide exceptional pressure gauge calibration services Australia-wide, so rest assured we can dispatch items to you safely and quickly.

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Our Xcalibration team have all personally worked with a vast range of pressure gauges first-hand, so are specialists in ensuring full device functionality. Want to find out more about our pressure gauge calibration services?

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