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Whether you use torque tools for business or personal endeavours, precision is essential. Here at Xcalibration, we provide a wide range of tool calibration services to ensure your equipment is ready for all future assignments.

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What Is Precision Calibration?

Precision calibration is a simple concept that simply means testing and fixing faults with torque instruments to ensure that they provide users with accurate and precise performance.

Torque, otherwise defined as the application of force, is the central feature of applying rotational force to create tension in bolts and other  fasteners. The equation for calculating torque is force applied multiplied by the distance. An efficient instrument will have a torque setting scale that enables you to set your torque wrench for precise tightening of all fasteners.

The calibration processes ensure that the tools provide an accurate outcome that matches the desired torque settings that have been applied. Our calibration Brisbane experts can complete a range of services to restore normal function, such as;

  • Adjustments
  • Servicing
  • Repairs

The Xcalibration team will ensure that your torque instruments are operating at peak performance. Moreover, our Nata traceable calibrations meet or exceed ISO 6789:2017 Part 2 standards which are currently the highest international standard for torque wrench calibration.

When you need calibration services in Brisbane, give us a call.

Who Needs Precision Calibration Services?

Torque tool precision calibration services may be needed by businesses, individual workers, contractors and individuals that use torque wrenches for work or mechanical hobbies.

Whether the torque instruments are used for automotive maintenance,  shutdowns, construction, maintenance, or any other assignment, the need for precision cannot be ignored. After all, bolts and screws must be fastened with the right amount of torque to ensure optimal performance and longevity. In many cases, such as working with vehicles, accuracy can potentially save lives.

We provide efficient torque instrument calibration to promote safety and efficiency. There are many situations in which you may require tool calibration services in Brisbane. Some of the most common examples include;

  • After purchasing new tools.
  • As a part of annual servicing for contractors and commercial users and following industry requirements.
  • Following a long gap since you last used the torque tools.
  • When you have noticed that fastenings are becoming loose.
  • You have any other reason to question the performance of the tools.

If you believe that your tools could benefit from torque calibration, trust your gut instincts. It's better to be safe than sorry!

What Does Torque Calibration Achieve?

When completed using advanced and accurate calibration equipment and procedures, torque instruments that undergo this type of maintenance become as good as new.

This will naturally save you the time, hassle, and cost of replacing the tools with new wrenches and instruments. However, the direct benefits while using correctly calibrated tools are plentiful too. Some of the best reasons to invest in precision calibration services include, but are not limited to;

  • Complete all fastening assignments with accuracy, ensuring that all products are in perfect health.
  • Save time as you will know the wrench is operating at the correct set point.
  • Save money by reducing the likelihood of damage or the need for ongoing maintenance.
  • Gain peace of mind from knowing that all related tasks are completed to the highest standards.
  • Prevent unnecessary and escalating faults and damage to the tools themselves.

For a personal user, those rewards are huge. When torque tools are needed for work matters, though, they additionally have a significant role to play in maintaining your reputation while simultaneously encouraging an increased speed of production.

To discover those rewards today, email Xcalibration to book a service.

Which Torque Tools Can Be Calibrated?

In short, all torque instruments can benefit from calibration, regardless of whether they are manual or electric.

Xcalibration's team of experts can complete calibration services on all wrenches and torque instruments with the aid of advanced test equipment and procedures. The key instruments that you may want to send off for professional and precise collaboration are;

  • Click wrenches
  • Dial indicating wrenches
  • Digital wrenches
  • Deflecting beam wrenches
  • Beam torque wrenches that implement a scale to see the amount of torque applied.
  • Pre-set click wrenches that need an accurate calibration to stop at the right moment.
  • Electric torque wrenches that can lose accuracy over time.
  • Type I torque instruments across all Classes from A to E.
  • Type II setting torque wrenches across all Classes from A to G.

Ultimately, all torque instruments must provide an accurate performance at all times, and calibration is the only way to achieve it. Xcalibration will match your tool to the right equipment and processes to ensure that the very best solution is found every time.

You can book a service or visit us in person to discuss further details today.

Why Xcalibration?

Before committing to any torque precision calibration service, it's vital that you partner with a reliable service. Xcalibration is Brisbane's premier service.

For starters, we use an extensive range of calibration equipment. Torque testers, transducers, joint simulators, and custom engineered test benches allow us to cover all types of instruments. Other reasons to place trust in us include;

  • All work is completed to ISO 6789:2017 Part 2 standards.
  • We understand your needs as well as the work itself.
  • Our team are committed to fast, accurate results.
  • Our transparency before, during, and after the service will amaze you.
  • We deliver exceptional pricing for personal and business clients.

Xcalibration's team of experts boasts decades of cumulative experience, and we use it to guarantee winning calibration services time and time again. Your future fastening assignments are in safe hands.

Book Your Onsite Calibration Service Today

Calibrating instruments should form a part of the ongoing periodical maintenance. As such, you may want to book our onsite services in advance to stay in control of the situation regarding the condition of your instruments.

However, you can also select our onsite services when your instruments are failing to perform as they should. We can usually get to your site within the next few days, allowing you to avoid further issues and get back to work ASAP.

Xcalibration will visit your premises to complete the job. As soon as the instruments have been calibrated at your premises they can be returned to service immediately avoiding any downtime, freight issues, or excessive paperwork.

Onsite calibration is convenient and cost-efficient, but you must not forget the fact that you need a service that's equally as professional as traditional options. After all, there's little point in completing the calibration if the instruments remain less than 100% accurate.

Xcalibration can't complete onsite calibrations on all instruments. However, we can discuss full details over the phone to ensure that it is a suitable service.

The best thing you can do is call us to find out what can be achieved, and a convenient time and date for it to happen. Why wait when we can come to you?

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The best thing you can do is call us to find out what can be achieved, and a convenient time and date for it to happen. Why wait when we can come to you?