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When you use hydraulic torque instruments for industrial purposes, precision and accuracy are central ingredients in the recipe for success. Professional wrench calibration is the fastest and most effective way to restore those attributes in style. Xcalibration makes the process easier than you ever thought possible.

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Why Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibration?

Hydraulic wrenches are perhaps the most linear of all torque tools when it comes to calibration results. These tools operate on a pressure versus displacement principle and normally produce extremely consistent results. However, faulty performance can spell disaster for commercial and industrial projects.

As with all torque tools, hydraulic wrenches are subject to wear and tear. Servicing and calibration restores normal and precise function for optimal performance. Xcalibration can provide the service in the following situations;

  • When leaks are detected in the normal course of operation.
  • When faults surface with the fastenings and applications.
  • As a part of standard periodical servicing and maintenance.

If you believe that your hydraulic torque wrenches could benefit from a calibration service, you should listen to those gut instincts by booking a service today. Persisting with faulty products is never the answer.

Looking for Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibration Service?

We support a wide range of businesses and are confident that we can deliver the solution that you need.

How Are Hydraulic Wrenches Calibrated?

Hydraulic wrenches are available in many shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Xcalibration's services can cover all types, including low-profile, square drive, and custom hydraulic torque wrenches.

In any case, the basic principles of calibration remain the same. It is performed in a test rig with a suitable torque transducer and test results are recorded over the entire operating range of the tool. Following this, these additional steps are completed to produce the best results for long-term precision;

  • Calibration results are tabled in a torque versus hydraulic pressure format,
  • Our operators matches the torque output to the hydraulic pressure of the pump used to operate this tool,
  • Testing is completed to ensure that precision and accuracy have returned.

The gauge used on the hydraulic pump should also be periodically calibrated to ensure it is giving a correct indication of the hydraulic pressure applied to the tool as any variation will affect the resulting torque output from the hydraulic wrench.

Why Use Xcalibration?

When you need hydraulic torque wrenches in business, you cannot afford to settle for anything less than optimal precision and accuracy.

Xcalibration has helped thousands of clients restore peak performance to their projects through calibration services, and can do the same for yours.

  • Aside from our experience and access to premium quality testing rigs, our team appreciates your desire to get back to work ASAP. We deliver;
  • Rapid turnarounds to ensure you can get back to work,
  • Projects completed to the highest ISO standards,
  • Affordable pricing and great transparency throughout.

In turn, you will find that your hydraulic wrenches return to their full function in the fastest time. Better still, our team of experts can calibrate one wrench or complete periodic maintenance that covers all torque instruments in your arsenal.

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If you do require Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibration, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

We support a wide range of businesses and are confident that we can deliver the solution that you need. Our services also provide a calibration certificate to ensure that you can satisfy Quality Assurance.