Dimensional Calibration

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Whether you're a professional contractor or engineer, you'll agree that accurate measurements are essential in virtually every project you'll ever undertake. If your measurement tools aren't currently providing the precision and accuracy you need, our tool calibration services can soon fix that problem.

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Dimensional Calibration

In its most basic definition, dimension calibration is the process of checking that all measurement tools and dimensional instruments are operating at peak performance and accuracy.

Dimensional calibration can be used on a wide range of tools that you may utilise in business or home projects. Some of the most popular instruments for calibration are;

  • Calipers,
  • Dial indicators,
  • Depth gauges,
  • Height gauges,
  • Micrometres,
  • Steel rules,
  • Measuring wheels,
  • Feeler gauges.

Calibration ensures optimal accuracy and will make a huge difference to all related projects. If your equipment is not listed above do not hesitate to contact us directly to see if it can be calibrated.

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Whether it's needed as an immediate repair or a part of the periodic servicing, Xcalibration's team of experienced professionals are here to help.

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When Is Dimensional Calibration Needed?

Dimensional calibration can be used to treat a wide range of measuring instruments. All contractors and businesses should incorporate it as a part of their periodical maintenance.

The benefits of taking immediate control include;

  • You will regain the ability to work with optimal accuracy.
  • You'll save time by avoiding the need to correct errors.
  • You'll avoid costly errors that lead to faults and broken parts.
  • It may highlight faults with other tools used for various projects.
  • The knowledge your instruments are accurate.

For the sake of your brand reputation too, ensuring that you can complete jobs with speed and precision is crucial. If a simple dimensional calibration can help you do it, you'd be wise to ignore those issues.

Why Xcalibration?

When choosing precision calibration services for your measuring tools, it's imperative that you gain the support of a winning team. Xcalibration is the only answer you need.

We don't simply understand mechanical tools and calibration processes. We understand you. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that;

  • All calibration services meet the highest ISO standards for optimal safety and performance.
  • We will offer rapid turnarounds, meaning you can get back to work far sooner.
  • You will receive the very best price whether calibrating one item or an entire inventory.

Moreover, if it is deemed that you would be better suited to a replacement, we sell a range of premium grade dimensional measurement tools too.

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If you do require Dimensional Calibration, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

We support a wide range of businesses and are confident that we can deliver the solution that you need. Our services also provide a calibration certificate to ensure that you can satisfy Quality Assurance.