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A pneumatic torque wrench (known as a pneumatic torque multiplier, or pneumatic nut runner) is used when the tightening of nuts and bolts is critical.

An air-operated pneumatic torque multiplier can quickly achieve high torque, particularly essential when time is a factor in securing nuts and bolts. Pneumatic torque multipliers are particularly useful when the same amount of torque needs to be applied to a set number of items, consistently across one structure or on a production line.

Pneumatic torque wrenches are so efficient as they are powered by compressed air, driven by a gearbox that allows the user to control the exact amount of torque applied to a nut or bolt. They traditionally have a very low vibration level as a reaction device absorbs the higher force. The precise torque control allows for the same actions to be repeated across multiple items, whether fastening or unfastening a nut or bolt.

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Pneumatic Torque Wrench Types And Uses

Pneumatic nut runners can vary significantly in size, weight, and use, depending on the amount of torque required.

They may be handheld cylindrical machines, portable pistol devices with trigger activation, or a large nut runner fixed to an assembly line. Pneumatic torque wrenches vary in airspeed, length of use, and function.

They are versatile tools used across multiple sectors, from flange and bolting needs across the oil and gas, power, and wind-energy industries tightening wheel nuts on mine trucks.

Pneumatic torque wrenches also vary significantly in terms of head gearbox specifications and access needs. They can have straight, right angled or offset gearbox designs.

Pneumatic Torque Wrench Precision Is Key

Pneumatic torque wrench calibration is essential for maintaining the tool’s precision over time.

A pneumatic torque wrench’s primary function is to precisely secure nuts and bolts, to maintain the structural integrity of operating machinery and structures.

Incorrect tightenings can impact precision, safety, and may even have legal or financial implications. If a pneumatic torque wrench is used across a production line and the error has been multiplied across a batch, then the error could also lead to production delays. International quality standards can only be maintained through regular calibration and servicing.

Pneumatic Torque Wrench Calibration

Calibration is the process of testing your pneumatic nut runner against a reference device to measure the deviation between your device and the higher-level reference unit. Ideally the pneumatic torque wrench should be calibrated using the same filter regular unit that came with the tool, for the most accurate results.

Calibration is carried out on a joint simulator, which mimics the tool’s regular function on bolted joints, using a compatible torque display and torque transducer. Calibrations are supplied with a chart and table format for torque versus air pressure calibration to accurately set the air pressure required to achieve the correct torque output for each pneumatic nut runner.

As pneumatic torque multipliers deviate greatly in terms of scale and use, it is essential to carry out regular servicing and calibration according to the equipment’s use and age. Working with a torque tool calibration specialist like Xcalibration is critical for maintaining your equipment’s precision, safety, and compliance.

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Whether you’re looking for a new pneumatic torque multiplier or looking for pneumatic torque wrench calibration, we’ll be able to give you the advice you need to complete your project to a safe and precise standard.

XCalibration is a calibration specialist with a focus on the torque control industry. That means we can help you meet the required industry standards with regular servicing, calibration, and the necessary documentation to remain compliant.

XCalibration offers NATA traceable and certified calibrations that meet the highest standards of torque wrench calibration. Should our team of specialists identify a fault in your equipment, then we also offer fault diagnosis and repairs to correct the error.

Our repair services come with a comprehensive diagnosis, and error report conducted on-site after your calibration to quickly and effectively identify problems. Our repairs in-house offer a fast service that allows us to use our full stock of spare parts and wealth of torque industry expertise to repair your tool to the required standards and safety specifications.

Our dedicated torque tool specialists will be able to advise on the expected downtime and provide you with tailored options to avoid project or production delays due to a damaged pneumatic nut runner.

If your pneumatic torque multiplier needs more substantial repairs, then we offer torque tool hire to avoid project delays due to any unforeseen downtime.

We stock a range of industry-standard brand tools to cater to your specific project requirement and high torque needs. If your pneumatic torque wrench calibration flags a more substantial fault with your model that goes beyond repair, we also offer new torque tools.

Need something specific? Our team can provide a bespoke design for particular applications and welcome projects of all different scopes and sizes.

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 Whether you’re looking for a new pneumatic torque multiplier or looking for pneumatic torque wrench calibration, we’ll be able to give you the advice you need to complete your project to a safe and precise standard.